SPRI Exertube Resistance Bands: Heavy: 11 to 13lbs of resistance (Blue)

The SPRI Exertube Resistance Bands are a part of the most durable, convenient, and effective fitness technology currently available on the market today! You will be able to replicate every exercise in your fitness routine with ample resistance and no worries of snapping or breaking bands.

Providing one or a collection of bands for your guest’s in-room use. Not only are they tough but they are extremely convenient. Color-coded for your benefit, the SPRI Exertube Resistance Bands are becoming every hotel’s choice for their In-Room Wellness Kits.


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  • Supports a Variety of Exercises – Are you training for strength, endurance, flexibility, or power? The SPRI Exertube Resistance Bands have you covered. They are versatile enough to support a variety of popular exercises including the chest press, squat, bicep curl, shoulder press, and triceps extension! Stay fit, build muscle, and look amazing with the SPRI Exertube Resistance Bands.
  • Offer a Range of Resistance – Whether you are just starting out or you’ve been lifting for years, the SPRI Exertube Resistance Bands offer a wide range of resistance to complement your workout. You can choose from very light (3 to 5 lbs), light (6 to 8 lbs), medium (8 to 10 lbs), heavy (11 to 13 lbs) and extra heavy (14 to 16 lbs).
  • Convenient, Lightweight, and Color-Coded – The SPRI Exertube Resistance Bands offer a level of convenience that you’ll never find with traditional free weights. Think about it! Are you able to lug around a collection of dumbbells as you travel? Of course not! These lightweight resistance bands can be packed up and taken around the world. Best of all, they offer a color coded system so you can discern how much resistance each offers.
The SPRI Exertube Resistance Bands are ideal for your home or commercial facility. Now you can…
  • Take your workout with you!
  • Train for strength, power, endurance, or any fitness goal you have.
  • Rely on the convenience and extreme durability of the SPRI Exertube Resistance Bands.