Anyah Collection

Anyah is a high quality and eco-friendly amenities collection, created to give you an invigorating boost while totally respecting the environment.
Anyah cosmetics are perfectly formulated to keep skin and hair healthy, each product having special qualities and benefits. On top of that, packaging is designed to reduce CO2 emissions, no wonder the range meets the EU Ecolabel criteria! Enjoy the experience!
ANYAH’s cosmetics are rich interesting and high quality vegetable extracts, like Rosemary extract and Mimosa.
The products for your face, body and hair are formulated with delicate raw materials, highly biodegradable and enriched with vegetable and biological origin extracts, such as Shea butter, Macadamia butter and Jojoba oil. The entire cosmetics line is enhanced by a Specific aroma, which gives Anyah an unforgettable character: fresh, citric and marine.