Sustainability Commitment

SLX Hospitality is committed to sustainability. We will do so by using resources more efficiently and striving to reduce our overall impact on the environment.

We will reduce our use of scarce resources in a meaningful way. Whenever possible and sensible within the context of our business requirements, SLX Hospitality will pursue the most environmentally friendly solution. We will take a comprehensive approach to sustainability, involving everyone around us.

Internally, we are looking at ways to make our own operations more efficient. Externally, we are trying to find ways to make our customers more efficient.

Our largest contribution is helping to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing the emissions through logistics. We try to identify logistical opportunities—based on weight, packaging, routing, and scheduling—to streamline shipping protocols and reduce carbon emissions associated with the supply chain.

We found that packaging and consolidation would reduce costs and carbon emissions.

Lower packaging weight translates to lower shipment weight, requiring less fuel to truck products to their final destination for installation. These packages need to arrive on time according to their scheduled install process in order to minimize storage costs and optimize the opening process.

The cost savings from moving lighter shipments, is also passed on to our carriers in lower fuel bills and lower fuel surcharges and consolidating inbound shipments at our warehouse locations allows for an additional emissions reduction.

Added benefits to clients electing to use our Boutique In A Box® service are the consolidated unitized packaging that allows ease of handling, less trips to individual units and the opportunity to further standardize inbound shipments, further reducing cost for our clients by reducing labor intensifying projects, increase productivity and reducing economic and environmental impact.

SLX Hospitality believes that contributing to a more sustainable environment is good business practice and the right thing to do for future generations.

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