Lone Star Series

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Tissue: PANLNS1 (Dimensions 5.5”Sq x 6”H, Case Pack of 8)
Wastebasket: PARLNS0 (Dimensions 8”Sq x 6”Sq x 10”H, Case Pack of 4)
Small Cotton Ball Holder: PARLNS3SM (Dimensions 3.75”Dia x 4”H, Case Pack of 24)
Large Cotton Ball Holder: PARLNS3LG (Dimensions 4.25”Dia x 5.25”H, Case Pack of 24)
Soap Dish: PARLNS6 (Dimensions 4.25”L x 3”W x 3/4”H, Case Pack of 24)
Tray: PARLNS7SM (Dimensions 11.5”L x 7”W x 1”H, Case Pack of 12)
Soap Pump: PARLNS2 (Dimensions 3”Dia x 6”H, Case Pack of 12)

Description: Wood + Iron + Glass Bath Accessories (Metal Liner Available)

Materials: Mango Wood + Iron

Finish: Natural + Matte Black


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