3lb. Neoprene Dumbbell

VTX by Troy

Tone your body, define your muscles and build your strength with these top of the line dumbbells. These well-designed free weights make it easy to enhance your workout to gain more strength and burn more calories. Use them for a strength-training routine or add them to your aerobic workout. When you’re looking for free weights with a smart design and premium materials, these fit the bill.

Black Neoprene

Sold as single Dubbell



Key Features of VTX dumbells: These dumbbells are perfect for designated free weight exercises like lifting and curling or for boosting the results of your cardio workouts like walking or aerobics. With a coating that is easy to grip and a design that is simple to store, these weights are an improvement over metal round-ended dumbbells. You can choose between 1 lb. to 15 lb. weights to tone or build your muscles. Easy to Hold: the neoprene coating prevents your grip from slipping, which is important during a sweaty workout Simple to Clean: the neoprene coating is simple to clean after a workout, so you can keep your dumbbells sanitary and in prime condition Durable: the coating protects the dumbbell, prevents rusting and is made to last Versatile: use these weights for various workout goals, muscle groups and exercises; plus, add them to walking and other cardio routines to boost the workout and add a strength-training component Weight Options: choose from a wide weight range from 1 lb. to 15 lb. to fit your weight-training needs and goals Hex Ends: the hexagonal ends prevent the weights from rolling and make them simple to stack, unlike traditional round ends Stylish Design: the coating comes in a sleek black that will fit any workout room style VTX dumbells are ideal for home use. Now you can: Build strength in your own home Complete a strength training routine without taking up much space in your home Get strength training without a gym or machine Create your own versatile workout without the restrictions of a machine Boost walking, jogging and other cardio workouts by adding weight