30″ or 36″ All-Induction Cooktop – VIC

Induction cooking transforms your cookware into the heat source for a cooler, efficient, and energy saving method of cooking. The Power Management induction system speeds boil times for those favorite dishes as well as providing a quick simmer for sauces. Viking Induction cooktops are compatible with all Viking cookware as well as most other high-end brands of stainless steel and enamel cookware.
Commercial-Type Cooking Power
MagneQuick™ Induction Elements convert electricity into a magnetic field, which reacts with iron in your cookware and instantly transforms the pan into the heat source
The heat is then quickly and efficiently transferred into your food, eliminating heat transfer loss into your kitchen and making induction cooking more than 90% efficient – the most energy efficient form of surface cooking
Induction elements heat more quickly than gas or electric burners, saving time as well as energy
Induction elements respond instantly to temperature adjustments, so when you lower the heat, you will see the results immediately, just as you see with a gas burner
Since the heat is generated by the cookware itself, the cooktop surface remains cooler and less prone to cooked on spillovers – much easier to clean than traditional electric cooktops
Large 9” induction elements each provide up to 3,700 watts of power and provide the highest combined element rating in the industry
30”W. model has 4 large 9”– 3,700 watt/2,300 watt induction elements
Power Management System provides a boost of superior power on all elements for faster boiling
Simmer setting is perfect for gentle melting or keeping cooked food warm

Safe, Easy, Operation
EXCLUSIVE CoolLit™ LED Lights in signature Viking blue illuminate cooking zones while in use
Child-proof, push-to-turn metal knobs for safe use
Element lights indicate hot surfaces and active elements
Sensor turns off element if cookware is not detected within 60 seconds

Easy Maintenance and Cleanup
Updated beveled edge design provides sleek styling and easy cleaning
EXCLUSIVE TransMetallic™ Ceramic Surface is durable, wear resistant and easy to clean
Durable laser-etched graphics withstand the rigors of regular cleaning
Removable knobs for quick, simple cleaning


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