Cubie Systems

Cubie Systems offer innovatively designs and user-friendly products for the hospitality industry.

Forward-Thinking Design: With an eye on the future, Brandstand in-house design team is always looking for ways to creatively improve the guestroom experience while mindful of the hoteliers needs/wants.

Liquid Spill Testing: For enhanced safety, the Cubie Power Product Line is designed for and successfully passes a UL spill tested. This test involves directly pouring a 1-liter water and salt solution through the 110V plus and USB ports. The units are then tested for dielectric conductivity. Additionally, the units are required to perform to specification after the test is conducted.

Surge Protection: All Cubie Power Products are tested to UL 1449-Surge Protection Devices, as well as UL962A-Furniture Power Distribution UnitsCycle Testing: 110V outlets successfully pass 20,000 plug insertion and removal cycles without failure and before exhibiting pull force below specification (>36lb). The USB ports successfully pass 15,000 plug insertion and removal cycles without failure.

Pass-Through Plug: The pass-through plug allows another device (i.e. lamp or alarm clock) to be plugged into the same wall outlet used by the Cubie Product.

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