Kure Amenity Dispensers

HIGH-END MATERIALS- Aluminum body and stainless steel components combine for unmatched craftsmanship. FLEXIBLE CONFIGURATION – Stand alone cylinders configurable for any number of products. EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION – Fast installation with double-sided tape and adhesive caulk. Screw installation recommended. EASY TO REFILL IN ROOMS – Wide-hinged cap makes it easy to refill dispensers. HYGIENIC GRAVITY-BASED PUMP AND ERGONOMIC LEVER – More product flows to guests, one hand functionality, fewer clogs. SPECS: – Height: 11.125″, Tube alone is 9.45″ Diameter: 2.5″ Depth from wall: 3.125″ Volume: 12 ounces Volume Dispensed: 2 ccs Tube: Powder-coated or brushed aluminum Lever: Chrome-Plated Aluminum Bracket and Lid: Stainless Steel Unit

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