UV Station: UV Light Phone and Remote Sanitizer with clock, wireless charger and USB ports

UV Station UV Light Phone and Remote Sanitizer by NonStop

UV Station is a next generation nightstand amenity that leverages the power of UV-C sterilizing technology to reduce the transmission of viruses and bacteria from guest to guest.  Includes a clock, wireless charging ports and USB ports

Designed as a hospitality grade solution, UV Station utilizes 6 UV-C bulbs and has reflective coating on the interior to ensure equal light dispersion. Additionally, there is a translucent quartz plate at the bottom, eliminating the need to turn the device over. The combined application of these technologies results in a cleaning time of just 5 minutes. By achieving full coverage and an effective 99.999% kill rate, we’re setting the standard for what a UV Sanitation Station should include.

Includes a Clock, Wireless Charging and USB Outlets

After a long day of traveling, guests often show up to their room with a phone that is low on battery and covered with germs. The modern nightstand solution will fix this problem by offering a simple, effective and reliable way to charge and clean guests’ phones.

The current landscape has made Mobile phones more important than ever as guests use them as room keys, to check-in, and as a gateway to different services the hotel pro- vides. Savvy Hoteliers recognize this and will offer UV & Qi to keep guests healthy and make them feel happy.

Custom designed to fit the most popular LG and Samsung hospitality remotes

Clean Remotes are Good for Everyone! Time Magazine found that the single dirtiest item in the hotel rooms was the remote, which delivered bacteria readings as high as 498; 5 times the acceptable level.



UV Station UV Light Phone and Remote Sanitizer with clock and wireless charging 3 in 1 nightstand tech UV – Clock – Charge

Kills 99.999% of Germs

Including six 10,000 hour UV-C Bulbs. A full plated reflective sanitizing chamber and a translucent quartz plate for full coverage.

Customize it!  Customizeable marketing cards on top of UV Station and over charging stand allow you to educate guests on your clean story, promote your brand and market hotel amenities