STX-3 Guest Room Safe

The STX-3 in-room safe is a favorite among designers and available in distinctive finish options including an impressive white, glossy finish with a vibrant blue internal light and LED display. The durable 13-gauge body is equipped with Safemark’s innate security features including two steel locking bolts, cold-rolled steel door and cleverly concealed emergency access. As an added peace of mind, this model includes a limited 5-year manufacturer’s warranty and an exclusive $10,000 warranty against forced entry.

Hotels looking for added security often select the optional MIWA High Security Override System. Concealed behind a metal plate, the cylinders are customized to each property with a unique pinning code. Unlike skeleton keys, the high security keys cannot be easily copied and additional keys are only available from the manufacturer with proper authority.


  • Durable Emergency Handheld Override Device
  • Motorized Locking System
  • Self Diagnostic System
  • Quick Access Battery Panel
  • Raised Floor for Easy Access
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Uses 4 AA Alkaline Batteries
  • Internal Light

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