LTX-3 Guest Room Safe

Safemark’s LTX-3 combines technology and durability with sophisticated design. Boasting distinctive finish options and a curved, elliptical face, the LTX-3 collaborates the passion of 300+ industry designers and security experts. The durable, 13 gauge body is equipped with Safemark’s innate security features including two steel locking bolts, coldrolled steel door and cleverly concealed emergency access. As an added peace of mind, this model includes a limited 5-year manufacturer’s warranty and an exclusive $10,000 warranty against forced entry.

Hotels looking for added security often select the optional MIWA High Security Override System. Concealed behind a metal plate, the cylinders are customized to each property with a unique pinning code. Unlike skeleton keys, the high security keys cannot be easily copied and additional keys are only available from the manufacturer with proper authority.


  • Durable Emergency Handheld Override Device
  • Motorized Locking System
  • Self Diagnostic System
  • Quick Access Battery Panel
  • Raised Floor for Easy Access
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Uses 4 AA Alkaline Batteries
  • Internal Light

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