Iron Connection

“Iron Connection”™ Patented Iron Holder Mounts to any Ironing Board.
Prevents Iron Burn Damage and Iron Theft by Securing Iron to Iron Holder and Ironing Board.
Used in over 600,000 hotel rooms worldwide, this clever and useful iron holder combines 3 components; iron with holder and board, making 1 easy to use and storage-friendly unit.
Simply pick up the ironing board and the iron comes with you wherever you go to plug it in.
Made of 18-gauge steel and double powder coated in white, The Iron Connection fits any size board and is easy to install, instructions included.
Mounts to board and sits up on aluminum stanchions for heat dissipation, the base of the product where the iron rests is equipped with special material that won’t transfer heat through the unit and will not scratch the soleplate of the iron.
Serves as safe hot iron storage when in use, with metal “wings” on each side which are adjustable for custom fit to any size iron for safe storage and transport.
Tethering cable is coiled so it stays out of the way of the iron, constructed of aircraft quality steel cable, coated with matching white vinyl.
Comes with 8 washers, 4 screws for attaching to board, plus special locking device which clamps onto looped cord around the iron (use is optional).
Locking device hardware included in each unit.


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