Aquamenities Single Fixture Black PVD with Beekman Fresh Air Bottles

Each fixture is provided with 2 sets of custom bottles with pumps mounting tape and keys.

Amenity fixtures make sense economically and environmentally, but the challenge is to find a product that provides the positive attributes of a dispensing system which adds to the guest experience. Aquamenities’ attention to detail in the design and construction provides you with a functional and attractive amenity fixture. Aquamenities Amenity Station offers an elegant customizable dispensing solution while maintaining environmental standards, and delivering quantifiable savings to your bottom line.

Quality construction and other key features make the Amenity Station the perfect choice for your properties:

– Created in the USA utilizing high quality stainless steel, our patented tamper resistant locking system allows for zero access to the product by the guest.

– Our unit is never filled in the rooms, but conveniently filled in housekeeping (based on your guest demographic, about every 20 days).

– The unit has a quick change-over feature, a simple turn of the proprietary key will unlock and lock. Bottles are replaced easily (average bottle change-over occurs 17 times per year).

– Our bottles have a custom view window so that housekeeping only has to check the window and change when appropriate (a half-full bottle is not visible to the guest).

– The fixture is mounted to the walls using proprietary adhesive tape, created by 3M. The Aquamenities Amenity Stations do not requiring screw mounting, reducing the possibility of damage to your walls.

– Brands may be changed easily and simply by changing the custom bottles.

– All of our bottles may be customized to the amenity brand, your logo, or another design of your choice.

– Our stainless steel pumps distribute 2ccs of volume(Versus the industry standard of about 1cc)

–  The sleek, elegant design measures 1.5 inches in depth which requires very little space in your showers.

Made in the USA, the patented ‘Amenity Station’ by Aquamenities is the first and only Stainless steel, tamper resistant dispenser fixture, designed for 3+ and above properties to display full size branded amenities.