Powered by Google Chromecast, Roomcast allows guests to stream content from any cast-enabled app including Netflix, HBO, Hulu, ESPN, YouTube, and thousands more from their own devices to the hotel TV.
Simple in practice, yet surprisingly powerful, Roomcast is the in-room entertainment solution that will delight guests and increase revenue.

Simple For Guests

One press of the remote brings up Roomcast on the TV. After joining the secure private WiFi, guests can open any of their cast-enabled apps, tap the Cast button, and watch their favorite content on the big screen. Everything is controlled right from the guest’s own phone, tablet or laptop using the apps that they already have and love. They don’t need to enter a username and password and can even keep using their device for other things without disturbing what’s playing.

JOIN 1 Join your private Roomcast WiFi

TAP 2 Pick your favorite cast-enabled app

CAST 3 Enjoy your content on the big screen

Guest Benefits

• Guest streaming content via Chromecast
• Using cast enabled apps that work for both iOS and Android devices
• Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming
• An HDMI port on the rear of the Roomcast can be connected to a HDMI module to provide guest facing HDMI.