Galimard Collection

A fragrance revealing a subtle way to live the perfume, for both women and men. 1747 is now a refined collection of courtesy products made up of four cosmetics available in two different sizes, three scented soaps available in 20, 25 and 40 grams and two 380 ml dispensers. A colourful and elegant display tray completes the product line. Only the use of traditional methods can guarantee the incomparable fine quality of the materials.
As in the past, our source is the natural resources of Grasse: jasmine, rose, lavender, orange flower, and tuberose.. from which we obtain all of our rich scents. Wonderfully refreshing blend of lemongrass and bergamot with sparkling citrus notes on a delicate heart of cardamom and basil interwoven with a touch of jasmine and thyme enhanced by a bed of earthy moss.


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